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    ii . r u l e s

    Post by HYORINN on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:39 am

    { Rules }

    Welcome ,
    Guest, allow me to be the first to welcome you to Paperthin Hymn, an ani-manga afterlife Role-play. Before you can join our community, though, we need to set a foundation of order…like any good relationship 8D. To keep everything coherent, we’ll be bulleting the gist of the rule, with a slight explanation; common sense is recommended and encouraged ♥. Feel free to skim through the rules, but once you’ve placed the password on your biography and have been accepted, you thereby acknowledge and agree to give us your soul comply with any and all of these rules.

    ■ In compliance with Forumotion’s T.O.S. and our preference, you must be thirteen years or older to join our community, as we have PG-13 content placed throughout the site possibly without warning. We’re also not really looking to babysit.

    ■ Rules are subject to change and the Administrators reserve the right to give the final yay or nay on any subject, stated here or otherwise.

    Activity ,
    ■ Being active does not mean logging into the site and hanging around Derp and Co. all day, or lurking the site. Being active to us means logging in every day/other day, or posting once a week In-Character. If you're uncomfortable that we ask for this, there’s a bunch of other communities for site-hoppers.

    ■ Understandably, shit happens. Do us a favor, though, and only join if you plan on sticking around. The last thing we want is to archive applications and accounts. If school’s become hectic, that’s fine; shit happens. Just post in the OOC or let a Staff member know you’ll be gone for some time and we’ll handle the rest.

    Accounts & Usernames ,
    ■ Unless there are circumstantial reasons, an account will never be deleted; merely archived and/or banned. (To have an account deleted, you must PM only the Head Administrator, HYORINN, with a valid appeal.)

    ■ One character per account. (Excluding identical, same-gender twins.)

    ■ There is no limit to how many characters you’re allowed to create…however,

    ♦ Every account must remain active.
    ♦ The previous account(s) must have been active for one month.*
    ♦ Pay heed to the site’s Ban Listing and Face Claim Listing before creating your character.
    * note: consulting with a Staff member before creation may excuse you from this.

    ■ Your username has to relate to your character in some way. Whether it’s through means of a nickname, their entire name, or simply their first name, it has to correspond to the character of the account. Also,

    ♦ No inappropriate usernames.
    ♦ No spam-like usernames.
    ♦ No fancy additives and/or numerals.

    Avatars & Signatures ,
    ■ Seeing as how this is an anime+manga role-play community, I don’t expect to see any images otherwise where avatars/signatures belong, yeah? Yeah. OHHH YEAH, KOOL-AID.

    ■ You are only allowed to change your character’s face claim if circumstances In-Character arise and are followed through; it must be validated by a Staff member prior to the incident, as well. Even then, it can only happen once per character. Also, keep the change reasonable; I doubt your Asian character just went French overnight…

    ■ Keep all account avatars at exactly 100 x 100px. Anything smaller or larger will be trolled by another image courtesy of the Staff ♥.

    ■ Keep all account signatures no wider than 500px and/or no higher than 500px. As long as your signature doesn’t stretch the page, and is of good quality, you won't really hear from us.

    ■ In compliance with Forumotion’s T.O.S. and our preference, keep any and all images tasteful. This applies to all genders! Anything disregarding these rules will be taken down, no questions asked.

    ♦ Derogatory images (flaming, bashing, etc. on any gender, race, religion, snack cake, etc.) will not be tolerated.

    Behavior ,
    Respect. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Cliché, yet pretty damn effective.

    ■ No spamming. Seriously. The only spam around here should be that delicious canned meat. This goes hand-in-hand with double posting—it is not allowed. Anywhere. I’ll slap you for it. With a brick 8|.

    ■ No flaming, bashing or trolling. You’ve been warned.

    ■ Do not argue with Staff, even if you feel they’re in the wrong; stop and PM an Administrator. We’ll handle it much better than you will, mainly because we favor our members!

    ■ Smiles, everyone! Never exclude anyone anywhere on this site. If you see a new member on Derp, say hello, introduce yourself. Don’t be a prick.

    ■ I take pride in leaving this community as clique/drama-free as possible. Don’t be the reason this rule is bothered—we will unleash the hounds of Hell on you. And by hounds, we mean Hyorinn.

    ■ Do not get involved in the arguments of others should they arise. Merely ask them to take the argument elsewhere if they don’t have the sense to do so beforehand. If a Staff member has to get involved, there will be consequences.

    ■ Keep profanity moderate. Everyone swears, and it’s honestly not that big of a deal, fuckers, but cussing every other word won’t ever fly around here, yo~♪.

    ■ Drama. In-Character drama is awesome! Out-of-Character, not…so much. Keep it away from the site because no one really cares to hear what he-said-she-said about you last Monday at Subway during mid-sobs and we’re not your soap-opera diary. The Chatbox is not a place hang your dirty laundry, either—so keep it away. Grr 8|.

    ■ No Poes; they’re the opposite of a Mary-Sue (which are also not allowed) in terms that the character (any gender) has had the most tragic life and yet they walk around like it’s nobody’s business. Or better yet, they pull the “oh, woe is me” routine.

    Writing & Posting ,
    ■ Do not post in any other forum besides Out of Character until your character’s biography has been accepted.

    ■ Quality over quantity. Any day.

    ■ We run on liquid time! But please, don’t be an imbecile and make more threads than you can handle. I personally suggest you keep it to 2-3 , for quality purposes.

    ■ Make an attempt to use your brain any form of spell check prior to posting anywhere on the site. This site {click} and this site {click} are excellent with spelling and grammar; so no excuses.

    ♦ Make an attempt at proper grammar. We understand not everyone here’s mother language is going to be English, so an attempt is all we’re really asking for. One of the two sites provided above offer grammar checks, as well.

    ■ Ensure dialog is noticeable by either: proper parenthesis, bolding, or colorization; keep post colors modest! It hurts to try to read yellow on a white background, you sadistic bastard.

    ■ Posts are to be written in third-person limited.

    ♦ “The third-person limited is a narrative mode in which the reader experiences the story through the senses, feelings and thoughts of just [your] character. In third-person limited, the narration is limited in the same way a first-person narrative might be—i.e., the narrator cannot tell the reader things that [your] character does not know—but the text is written in the third person.” (Wikisource.)

    ■ This site accepts a wide level of literacy, but just ensure your posts reach at least a solid paragraph (roughly 6-8 sentences/175 words); OOC posts are exempt. If you’re just having a “Shit Happens” day, that’s fine, but don’t make it into a Shit Happens marathon, because this isn’t Jersey Shore. We’re always reading. 8D

    ■ Under the circumstance that your character is going to fight, no power playing or god-modding. You’ll be clubbed with a brick. B|

    ■ In compliance with Forumotion’s T.O.S. and our preference, any and all sexual content is restricted within any posts—private message, thread reply, or otherwise. Given the circumstance that two characters become intimate (ouhbb ♥~), once you pass the PG-13 line, fade to black and take it up amongst your devices; PtH is no longer held responsible. No sexytaim heeuh, sorz.

    ■ Any and all gore content must have a [MATURE] tag beforehand; placing the content in a spoiler also works. Keep the severity moderate, regardless. We don’t want to hear that your character is curb-stomping everyone and their mother every Tuesday night.

    Advertising ,
    ■ Do not advertise through your signature via linking. It’ll be re-linked to God-knows-where.

    ■ Do not advertise through Derp and Co. He’ll ignore the site if it happens. Remember, Derp’s fabulous and sassy, and having him here is a privilege, not a right.

    ■ Advertisements belong in their designated forum. If you post somewhere other than the advertising board, then it will be moved or possibly removed—just depends on our mood, really. So just post it where it belongs ♥.

    No one is above any of these rules.
    The Password is: Hyorinn ate it

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